31 May 2010

Welcome to the World of Baia Taormina!

Dear Visitor...
let us call you immediately our Guest, even if we never had the chance before to call you like this personally :) ...welcome to our blog!
And our regular Guests...welcome back our Friends!

As You will see this is not an official site...if we want to be sincere, it's very unofficial...Our pictures and texts may seem a bit home made...but all of this is coming from our hearth! :)

Our goal with this site is to give as much information about Baia Taormina as possible...to have the chance to form a more personal, casual contact with our future Guests and to create the possibility to keep in touch with our regular Guests, who became part of our life, the life of Baia Taormina...and we are awaiting their return every summer.

We would like to share with You this life...the every day life of Baia Taormina...to let you see the backstage of our Hotel and of course to give You every help for the decision if you choose us to spend your holiday with us.

Please don't hesitate to comment, to ask, to contact us, we will be happy for every connection with You, to form together our own Social Island in the word of social networking... (by the way...if you wish you can also join us on Facebook and Twitter! ;) )

Please read through all the information and explore the Word Of Baia Taormina!

Hope to see You (again) in this season in beautiful Sicily,
best regards,
Baia Taormina

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous16/6/10

    Great suggestion! You helped me a lot to choose the right hotel...I had a great holiday!
    Thanks Nora